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In this week’s mailbag I’ll discuss the Ruger Security 9, background checks, air rifles, editing your home defense plan to fit your limits, shoulder holster suggestions and more.

Let’s dive in…

I read recently that one of the guns you own is a Ruger 9 mm, although I cannot recall the exact model. I personally prefer Glock, which I carried as a police officer for over twenty years.

However, I have recently had some interest in the Ruger Security 9, which is comparable in size to the Glock 19. Any ideas on this gun?

-Kevin R

Answer: I own several Ruger rifles and the Ruger LCP handgun. As for the Security 9, it’s a lightweight, compact 9 mm pistol that’s fed by a 15-­round magazine.

One thing about the Security 9, which might appeal to those with arthritis, is the Security 9 has a hammer system hidden within the slide so it’s easier to rack than most other pistols.

I am about to invest 60k with an individual and would like to know how long it might take to do a background check and the cost.

-Mark M

Answer: It all depends on the individual and how many places they have lived (and if they’ve lived overseas.)

Assuming the person hasn’t lived in a million different places and it’s a relatively easy background check to do, it should cost around $500 and take about a week. (Anyone who says they’ll do it for $50 or even $100 isn’t doing a real background check so be careful.)

Hello Jason, have you ever owned an air pistol or air rifle. If so, which one do you recommend?

-Ryan A

Answer: Yes, I have owned both. We use the air pistols in the extreme close quarters gun-fighting class because we do force on force training.

For the pistols, I own a Colt 1911 replica and also a Walther P99. For a rifle, you might want to check out the Winchester Model M 14 Semi-Automatic CO2 Air Rifle.

My problem is being an older gentleman, not as easily do I get up and down off the ground or very quickly if I do get down to a prone position.

-Carl H

Answer: As we age, I recommend always updating your home security and self-defense plans to fit your needs and limits.

What I mean is, if you can no longer get in the prone position take this into account and change your defense plans accordingly.

For instance, if your home defense plan involved you being in the prone position at the top of your stairs, you will need to adjust to a standing position or even a sitting position.

Everyone will have their physical limits so find a plan that works for you, that you will realistically be able to execute.

I have need for someone to perform an asset search of a person who owes a group of us a lot of money, but whom we know has hidden many of his assets. Can you help me with that or refer me to someone who is very thorough and reliable to it?

-Edward P

Answer: Yes, my company can do this. Please reply to this email or send me an email so I can get full details about your situation.

Can you recommend a quality shoulder holster for an S&W .38 snub nose?

-Art A

Answer: Check out Galco Gunleather and also look at a company called Barsony Holsters.

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