Great Self-Defense Moves for Kids

In this week’s mailbag we cover…

What I look for when choosing a location to live…

My recommendations on quality night vision goggles…

The different ways a smartphone tracks your location…

The risks of Kapersky antivirus software…

Great self-defense moves to teach your children…

Which Gerber multi-tools I prefer…

And more!

Let’s dive in…

You are in Utah, but if you moved it would be to either Wyoming or Idaho. Why would you pick one of those two states?

– Greg H

Answer: When I look for a place to live, I want somewhere that is conservative, where I can carry a gun (it’s very 2nd Amendment friendly) and somewhere that shares my values of self-sufficiency.

I also want a state that has lower taxes and smaller government. I want a place that I can buy a lot of land that won’t cost me a fortune and both Wyoming and Idaho meet these criteria.

I am looking for quality night vision goggles. Any recommendations?

– Frank R

Answer: The thing about night vision goggles is that they are very expensive and the ones available on the civilian market are nothing like the ones worn by the U.S. Military.

A quality pair of goggles will cost at least $2,000, but there’s no doubt they can provide a tactical advantage. One I would check out is the Armasight Vega Gen 1.

These sell for a little over $2,000 on Amazon, but they are quality goggles. These goggles are rugged, compact and built with the highest-grade optics.

If you turn off your GPS on your smartphone, law enforcement cannot trace your phone location using GPS, only cell phone towers you have used. Is this correct?

– Randy S

Answer: Even if your smartphone’s GPS is turned off, your phone’s location can still be tracked. The thing is, most people who use smartphone’s typically have multiple applications downloaded to their phone.

These applications can still give away your location even if you have denied the app access to your GPS. For example, let’s say you use a fitness app on your phone.

This would still use data and sensors on your phone, which could potentially give away your location. Even the clock on your phone gives away your location.

For instance, when the GPS is turned off, the time on your phone still changes if you change time zones. In other words, if you want to completely avoid being tracked don’t use a smartphone, get a flip phone.

I have used Kaspersky antivirus software for years but am now concerned about it being Russian, do you have any insights?

– Paul W

Answer: Kapersky is a major player in the anti-virus software market. However, I would consider using different anti-virus software.

The U.S. recently banned Kapersky from government computers based on allegations that the Russian company has ties to their government.

While the risk is likely minimal for the average person, I would consider choosing different anti-virus software just to be safe.

What are some good self-defense moves I can teach my 11-year-old?

– Danny O

Answer: A few things I recommend for everyone is to remember to strike people in sensitive areas. It doesn’t matter if your attacker is 6’5 and 300 lbs, you can fight back by hurting them in certain areas where all humans feel pain.

For example, one of the things I recommend is striking your attacker in their eyes. You simply grab them by their head and press your thumbs into their eyes, which will disorient them.

Another option is to punch your attacker in their throat as hard as you can. Again, this will cause pain no matter how big and strong the attacker is.

Lastly, hitting them in the groin will definitely make them think twice. So, remember, Eyes, Throat, Groin – even an 11-year-old can learn do this. (Get our FREE book that covers these self-defense moves in greater detail.)

I know that Gerber makes many different styles of multi tools. Would you be able to narrow down your choice?

– Kevin L

Answer: Gerber does make a lot of different tools, but it comes down to personal preference and which size you want to carry. One I personally like is the Gerber Centerdrive multi-tool, which sells on Amazon.

This one is a full-size multi-tool and should meet many of the basic needs you want when carrying a tool. Another option is the Gerber Suspension multipliers.

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