Disaster Zones

In today’s Top 5 I’ll introduce America’s Disaster Zones and where you fit in, as well as how to get yourself closer to achieving tactical fitness.

Also, see the pros and cons of a personal fence and what kind is right for you, check out the groundbreaking technology of the new exosuit and also learn about America’s venomous snakes, how to identify them and what to do if bitten.

Let’s dive in…

America’s Disaster Zones—Are You Living in Harm’s Way?
The news and weather stations are great at keeping the world posted on possible storms and natural disasters. It is important for you to be aware of your own surroundings and weather patterns.

Check out this breakdown of the nations disaster zones so you are fully aware of what threat you may encounter.

You will also receive some great advice on things to consider if the area you are in is threatened.

Tactical Fitness—Necessities That Require Zero Talent
No matter if you are put into a life and death situation, a survival setting, or ever encounter a situation that is physically challenging, being in shape can be paramount to getting through it.

No one expects you to become a body builder overnight, but at least getting yourself into shape enough to be able to run to safety, or runaway from a disaster is something to take into consideration.

The biggest challenge tends to be a person’s mindset. Check out this list of important tools you can learn from the military’s mentality on how to take those steps toward fitness.

Fences that Keep People Out: Smart, Or a Bad Investment?
There are many uses for a fence—privacy, wind blocking, crop protection and of course as a defense against intruders.

In this article by Backdoor Survival, you will see an explanation of the pros and cons of having fence and also a breakdown of all the potential options for you to consider if you decide to install one and why.

Multi-joint, Personalized Soft Exosuit Breaks New Ground
It seems every day a new technology in clothing is being presented.

For instance, the latest athletic gear is able to wick of sweat, and provide comfortable compression to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue and allow for more breathability.

One group of researchers has developed a suit that can help not only service members such as military, firefighters and police officers’ function in a much more physically capable manner, but it also has the potential to help those with neurodegenerative disorders and the elderly as well.

Read up on this ground-breaking suit.

Surviving a Venomous Snake Bite—What You Need to Know
Snake bites can all too often cause more problems than just the pain of the actual bite. But how many of you can tell the difference between a deadly snake and a non-deadly snake?

Take a look at this article to see pictures of the most venomous snakes in the U.S. and learn where they hide, how they strike and what you should do if you happen to be their next victim.

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