The pros and cons of chest holsters

Steve S. was working as a San Diego Police Officer when he made a routine traffic stop.

He was driving his police cruiser on the freeway when he noticed a Honda weaving in traffic.

Steve believed that the driver could be intoxicated, so he pulled the vehicle over.

He advised dispatch of his location and told the dispatcher that he didn’t need any assistance.

When Steve walked up to the vehicle he was pleasantly greeted. The driver asked him, “How can I help you?” according to the police.

Steve told the driver why he had been pulled over. He then asked for the man’s driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance.

Next, the officer learned that there was a warrant for the driver’s arrest. The driver had a $5,000 warrant for driving on a suspended license.

When the officer told the driver about the warrant he became upset.

The driver told the officer, “It’s only a traffic warrant; we can work it out.”

Then, the driver got out of the car and drew a revolver. The driver pointed it at the officer who realized he had been beaten to the draw.

Steve jumped over the guardrail on the freeway to get away.

As Steve ran away, the driver opened fire on him. The officer was shot three times in the back, two other rounds missed.

The officer drew his gun but before he could fire the gunman charged over the guardrail and tackled him.

During the struggle, the driver gained control of Steve’s service weapon.

Steve drew his backup weapon that was hidden in a holster strapped to his chest. After retrieving his backup weapon, Steve fired at the driver, killing him.

Thankfully, Steve’s bulletproof vest prevented him from being killed or seriously wounded.

The fact is that Steve’s backup weapon saved his life that day.

And his chest holster provided the perfect place to conceal his backup weapon where he could easily get to it after fighting with the motorist.

When it comes to chest holsters there are a lot of different options.

For instance, some holsters can be worn under clothes like the one Steve used. Some holsters go outside your clothing and strap around your body.

A chest holster is a great choice when outdoor activities make it less than ideal to carry a weapon on your hip – such as hiking, camping, or bugging out.

So, here are a few benefits and disadvantages of wearing a chest holster.

Advantages of a chest holster:

A hip holster can be comfortable to wear for daily activities such as running to the store or a short walk. But a chest holster is going to be more comfortable in the long run.

Most chest holsters will have shoulder and sternum straps that go across your torso.

This does a good job of distributing the weight of the firearm on your body, rather than having it all on your hip.

In addition, if you are bugging out or carrying a large backpack, a chest holster will keep your firearm out of the way.

If the gun is on your hip, it can be snagged by the backpack or prevent you from properly wearing the backpack.

A chest holster will eliminate any snags or a floppy gun.

For instance, if you are moving through dense woods there is less of a chance of your gun getting caught on something if it’s on your chest.

Disadvantages of a chest holster:

Every type of holster has its drawbacks.

The biggest drawback to a chest holster is the draw length.

What I mean is, instead of moving your hand to your hip you will have to bring it to your chest. Then, you will have to safely draw the firearm without moving it over your body.

The amount of time from drawing, clearing the holster, and getting on target is likely going to take longer compared to drawing from your hip.

Wearing a chest holster is something that many people won’t find comfortable when they first do it. So, it can take some time getting used to.

Which one to buy?:

There are a variety of companies that make chest holsters.

If you are looking for leather, I would consider ones from Galco. Another company that makes quality chest holsters is GunfightersINC.

Chest holsters are a great addition to your survival gear or if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

Yet, like any other holster make sure you spend plenty of time practicing your draw.

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