Dirty Gun?

In this week’s Must-Read articles you will learn how predators are using video games against us, how often you should clean your gun, which winter items to keep in your car, what antibiotics work best for infections and read about the 5 most reliable handguns in the world.

Let’s dive in…

Predators Using Online Games

Over the years there has been much debate over whether or not video games are responsible for the rise in violence.

While the debate stays open on that issue, one thing is for sure, predators are now using these games to find their next victim.

This article details how exactly they are doing so and what you and your children should watch for.

Do I Need to Clean My Gun if I Haven’t Shot it in a While?

If you have ever questioned how often your firearm needs to be cleaned, fired recently or not, this will break down some of the information you need to know to insure your you keep yours in the best condition possible.

Winter Items to Keep in Your Car

Have you ever found yourself stuck traveling in the middle of a snow storm? If you haven’t, count your blessings.

But for those of us who have, you know how easily you can go from being stuck in the car anywhere from 10 minutes to a day or more.

Check out these tips on navigating the storm along with what you should keep on hand in case this happens to you.

Which Antibiotics Work Best for Which Infection

An infection can occur quicker than we’d like and stopping it before it spreads is so incredibly important.

Here is a cheat sheet of sorts to help you recognize an infection and what to take should you need to.

5 Most Reliable Handguns in the World

There are many many opinions on what the best firearms are. For each person, an individual perspective is the most important factor to consider.

Having said that, some have proved to be more reliable than others.

See what Concealed Carry believes to be the top 5 most reliable handguns in the world.

Check it out.

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