Bullet Penetration in Your Home

In this week’s Must-Read articles we will take a look into how a bullet penetrates different materials along with how you can start a fire with water.

We will also visit the debate over steel vs paper targets, as well as a breakdown of all the different door security and reinforcement options and finally, the growing concern for the hacking of our GPS systems.

Let’s dive in…

Bullet Penetration in Home Environment

As important as it is to protect your family by pulling your firearm on an intruder or attacker, it is equally as important to know how that bullet will react within its surroundings especially if that bullet misses the target. Read More Here

Starting a Fire With Water
Starting a fire with water? Doesn’t seem possible right? But believe it or not, if you are stuck and in need of a fire, whether it be to prepare food or to keep warm, there is an actual way to accomplish this by using water. Read More Here.

Paper vs Steel Targets: Pros and Cons of Both

Paper vs steel, everyone has their preferences, but is there a clear better option? Let’s look at a breakdown of the pros and cons of both. Read More Here

Door Security and Reinforcement

The door on your home is one of the most vulnerable access points, which is why it should be geared to protect what is inside. Here is a breakdown of virtually all the different options for door security and reinforcement. Read More Here

GPS Spoofing and Hacking is on the Rise

As technology continues to expand and bring forth new and exciting possibilities, it also continues to expand for our adversaries. Here is a look into how they are beginning to manipulate GPS tracking. Read More Here

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