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In this week’s Must-Read articles you will find a beginner’s guide to AR’s, how you can find good reloading brass, first aid tricks in a pinch, poisonous plants to watch for and how to reset your finances.

Let’s dive in…

AR-15 Beginners Guide
Have you been interested in AR’s and just didn’t know where to start?
Well here you will find a beginner’s guide to the AR-15. This dives into its versatility, trigger comparisons, accessories, cleaning guides and more.
If you had any questions, you will likely have them answered here. Check it out.

How to Buy Good Reloading Brass
Reloading your own ammunition is an acquired interest due to the initial cost of the materials to begin the process.

Having said that, if you are considering getting into this, you can find some great information and instructions on what sort of brass to use or not use, how to store it, along with many more tips.

How to Use Super Glue for First Aid
Imagine you are out hiking or camping and something happens to cause you to get a deep gash on your leg or arm.

This is obviously problematic because you are out in the middle of nowhere. The next steps you take are incredibly important to help stop the wound from bleeding so that you are able to safely leave and seek further treatment.

It may sound crazy, but one of your greatest assets could be super glue. Read how to use it properly to save you next time you are in a pinch.

Ten Poisonous Plants That Look Edible
We’ve all heard it before in regards to shrubs and plants in nature ‘make sure not to eat the berries, they are poisonous’.

Well I don’t know about you, but to this day I find myself second guessing any berries I find in nature.

Learn about ten of the more common and more poisonous plants there are so you can make sure both you and your family steer clear.

Is it Time for a Financial Reset?
From time to time, the perfect storm of financial stress will occur.
Sometimes it involves vehicle issues, medical emergencies, family challenges, or structural home issues.

Knowing how to reset your finances can help you turn it all around. See these 15 tips to help you reset your finances and get you back on track.

Check it out.

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