A Thirst for Survival

Dear Black Bag Confidential Reader,

Water is absolutely critical for survival. So today’s No. 1 question addresses how to procure clean, clear, drinkable water from any source — even a dirty toilet.

Don’t believe me? Well, I’ve got video proof of the gadget that makes it possible. Read on below for the link to watch this amazing device in action.

And don’t forget to send your own safety and survival questions to spy@lfb.org. No topic is off-limits, so ask away.

Now for this week’s mailbag…

Sometime back, I saw a picture of you, Jason, drinking water — through a filter, of course — from a toilet. I meant to get the information on that filter, but I didn’t. You said at that time that it was the filter that you carry, and you had nothing but the highest praise for it. If you could send me the name and source of that filter, I would appreciate it. 

— Frank A.

It’s called the SurvFilter, Frank. As you mentioned, I did use it to drink from a toilet. And that’s not all! I also used it to show you it’s possible to get clean, drinkable water from other disgusting sources like a horse trough and a filthy stream.

The SurvFilter is the only water filter I use, because it uses nanotechnology to remove 99.9999% of contaminates — including viruses and chemicals. Better yet, the filter insert lasts for 250 gallons before you need to replace it. And since the average person needs one gallon of water per day in an emergency situation, a family of four could use one SurvFilter for over 60 straight days.

I don’t need to tell you that water is one of the most critical things we need to survive — you can survive only about three days without it. Which is why I’ve made sure to stock one of these filters in each of my bug-out bags. I recommend you do the same.

To see the videos of me using the filter — and to get one of your own — click here.

How would an EMP blast affect solar panels?

— Randy S.

You’re in good company, Randy. A lot of people are worried about the effects of an EMP. Unfortunately, the truth is no one can say with 100% accuracy which items will be damaged and which will survive.

That being said, solar panels themselves would most likely survive an EMP. The potential problem is the wiring, the connection that charges the panels and the connection between the panels and any devices they are powering. I recommend using the best surge protector and wiring you can find and hoping for the best.

As I said, it’s impossible to say exactly what will happen to solar panels in the event of an EMP attack, but quality wiring and connections will, hopefully, increase the likelihood that your solar panels won’t be damaged.

I just purchased a Sig Sauer P938. What holster do you recommend?

— Ron C.

I recommend an inside-the-waistband Kydex holster. Or if you wear cargo pants with large enough pockets, you could get a pocket Kydex holster.

I carry my Sig Sauer P238 in a pocket Kydex holster. Just do a quick internet search for “pocket Kydex holster” and you’ll see plenty of options to choose from.

I am interested in the idea of the WaterBricks, but nowhere does it state how long the water is good. Is there a recipe to make the water good? I’ve heard you can add chlorine, bleach or some iodine. I’d like an honest answer.

— Pat L.

Sure, Pat. First, let me say that I highly recommend WaterBricks — they’re great for water storage. Plus, they’re portable, durable, stackable… basically, incredible. And yes, there are a few different things you can do when filling them to prolong the life of the water.

If you are filling them from home with tap water, then the water has already been treated with chlorine by your local municipality. You can also add water treatment drops, such as those from Aquamira. But they’re basically chlorine drops, so it’s not a must if the water is already treated.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to water storage is checking the water periodically and rotating it before it goes bad. If you store your WaterBricks in a cool basement, you need to rotate your supply only every 12 months.

Regarding the NOC Knife: very impressive. It is a great defensive and offensive weapon… However, I am physically handicapped, navigate with a cane or walker and, at 85 years old, am no longer physically able to snatch the knife quickly from wherever I would have kept it for emergency, even on my body.

— Isabel Y.

You’re right, Isabel. The NOC Knife is a great tool that can serve many different purposes. It’s incredibly strong — in fact, it’s made of the same material that’s used in the aerospace industry and Formula One cars — and it’s designed to be used both for self-defense as well as a multitude of survival situations.

I understand some people don’t want to carry a knife with them all the time, but this knife is extremely useful for accomplishing so many tasks — it even includes a special tool to break glass. It’s the ultimate self-defense and survival knife to protect yourself and your family.

That being said, if the NOC Knife is not something you feel comfortable carrying on your person, it would be perfect to keep in your vehicle or as a valuable addition to your bug-out bag.

Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson

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