5 Ways to “James Bond” Your Car for Urban Escape and Evasion

Who wouldn’t want a shiny little sports car armed with oil slick dump tanks… machine-gun headlights… and surface-to-air missiles in the pop-up trunk?
(It was actually on my Christmas list last year, but all I got was a reindeer sweater instead.)

Now while you may not feel threatened by terrorists or sinister bald geniuses with armies of evil henchmen, the truth is having a vehicle that’s… shall we say “optimized” for escape and evasion can come in handy.

I mean, even when society ISN’T mired in a full-out “collapse” … threats like murder, kidnapping, hijacking, road-rage, and being mobbed by a violent protest out of control certainly CAN happen.

Unlike political dignitaries and our own President, you can’t afford a whiz-bang James Bond bulletproof “spy car” to help you escape a dangerous situation.

Or can you?

Here Are 5 Things You Can Do To “James Bond” Your Car for Escape & Evasion Driving…

1. Install Run-Flat Tires.

These are a little bit more pricey than regular tires, but not so expensive that the average person can’t afford them.

With these, even if your tire is flat, you can still travel to safety.

2. Add 3M Shielding to Your Side Windows.

These won’t make them bulletproof, but they can help stop an “occupy” protester from smashing out your windows with a brick.

You can buy the film to do it yourself, or talk to any window-tint retailer about having it done for you.

3. Get A Sun Roof.

Not only will you enjoy those bright sunny days more, but you can use that sun roof to station a “gunner” in an emergency.

Having someone who can shoot from atop the vehicle while you’re being pursued or mobbed can clear your way to escape.

4. Have Giant Nuts.

What I mean is, go to the local Home Depot and pick up couple handfuls of the biggest nuts and bolts you can find.

(True story: when I was young, a road-rage driver tried to force my family off of a bridge. My father grabbed a giant deep-sea lead sinker and threw it at the guy’s passenger window next to us and it shattered, forcing the guy to pull over and we got away.)

You can even throw these out your sun roof if you’re being chased down from the rear.

5. Store A Hand-Held Spotlight.

You can’t drive if you can’t see, right?

A portable 1 million candlepower “light gun” pointed into the eyes of a driver trying to run you down will either force him to give up… or chance an accident.

Now, I must emphasize that many of these escape & evasion tactics could get someone killed – perhaps even an innocent bystander – so don’t go trying these out at the local McDonald’s drive-thru.

But if you’re in a pinch and you have a car full of rowdy hooligans (I’ve been chased by a gang before), then all bets are off if you feel your life is in jeopardy.

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