12-yr.-old guns down intruder, saves his mother

One day, a 12-year-old Louisiana boy and his mother were at home when an intruder forced his way into the house.

After entering the home, the intruder was shot by the 12-year-old with a rifle.

Neighbors who witnessed the event confirmed the intruder forced his way into the home while in possession of a gun.

Paramedics responded to the scene and transported the shot man to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Sheriff Jeff Travis said, “I don’t know what you tell a kid at that age. I’ve tried to reflect on myself when my kids were 12 years old, or maybe when I was 12 years old, what I know is a very horrific incident. He’s really a hero for taking care of his mother.”

Two other people were arrested and charged for being part of the home invasion.

One of the people was charged with murder for participating in a crime that resulted in death.

The sheriff added, “At this time, the East Feliciana County Sheriff’s Office has no evidence, whether it be physical evidence, or testimonies from witnesses, that the 12-year-old young man did anything that would implicate that he committed a crime.”

In addition, the sheriff said, “His mother has got a pathway to start therapy or counseling for the boy.”

While we don’t know the exact rifle the boy used to protect his mother, but for young or new shooters a smaller caliber rifle is one of the best options.

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Another benefit of a 9mm rifle is the recoil will be significantly lighter compared to common rifle calibers.

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Finally, training with a 9mm rifle is going to be more accessible.

Some gun ranges don’t allow high-caliber rifles, but a 9mm would be acceptable.

Also, you can shoot steel targets with a 9mm rifle, where many ranges won’t allow you to use larger caliber rifle rounds on steel targets – especially at closer ranges.

Drawbacks to 9mm rifle:

The main drawbacks to a 9mm rifle are that the stopping power is not as strong as a typical rifle caliber.

And a high-caliber rifle is also going to be more accurate at further distances.

There is no comparing 9mm to typical rifle calibers when it comes to distance, accuracy, and penetration.

So, if you get a 9mm rifle you should think of it like a pistol when it comes to these characteristics.

Another drawback to 9mm rifles is that sometimes, the newer pistol-caliber rifles can have feed issues and failures with pistol magazines.

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