3 Best aftermarket shotgun stocks?

A South Carolina criminal recently broke into the home of a senior couple and attacked them.

It started when the suspect knocked on the back door of the home and asked the couple if they had seen his missing dog.

While talking, the suspect attacked the 79-year-old wife.

He knocked her to the ground and began slashing her with a knife.

The husband, an 82-year-old Vietnam veteran, snatched his shotgun off a wall-mount.

But, instead of shooting the intruder, Herbert P. used the buttstock of the shotgun to hit him.

The intruder later died at a hospital due to injuries suffered in the scuffle.

The elderly couple was not charged with a crime. They received medical treatment for minor injuries.

Many people tout the shotgun as the best home defender.

It’s a great all-purpose firearm and can be used for home defense, hunting, and everything in between.

And because of the shotgun’s popularity, there are many interesting aftermarket accessories available.

People put bayonet lugs, extended magazine tubes, new sights, etc. on their guns.

But, one part of the shotgun that is becoming more popular to swap out is the stock.

This is the end of the shotgun that meets your shoulder when you’re shooting.

Many shooters feel that different stocks can make the shotgun even more versatile.

That said, here are a few shotgun buttstocks to consider swapping out with the factory stock.

Magpul SGA:

Magpul is known for making quality accessories and aftermarket parts.

They produce many polymer firearms accessories and their products don’t disappoint.

The SGA stock is adjustable from 12.5” to 14.5” by using a spacer system for smaller shooters.

The stock also uses a pistol grip and recoil pad.

Plus, optional check risers can also be purchased for a more customized fit.

You can find Magpul stocks for the Remington 870 and some Mossberg shotguns.

The stocks come in black, flat dark earth, and grey and start at around $100.

TactaLoad Flash 5:

The Flash 5 is a new shotgun stock that holds five spare rounds of ammunition inside the stock.

The stock is made from polymer and is built to last.

The Flash 5 is adjustable from 12.5 inches to 13.5 inches.

Its biggest advantage is the internal magazine built into the stock.

It can hold both 2.75-inch and 3-inch shells.

The rounds feed from the bottom of the stock and a spring holds them in place.

This way, you don’t need a side saddle to hold rounds.

The stock is ambidextrous, and the rounds sit in the center rear of the gun to help maintain the balance.

The Flash 5 sells for $130 new.

Fab Defense Folding Buttstock:

The Fab Defense Folding Buttstock is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and polymer composite.

It is MIL-SPEC, so you can trust that it meets a certain level of toughness.

The stock has a recoil compensating system that absorbs the shock of firing.

It’s ambidextrous and can open and fold with the push of a button.

And it is adjustable to five different positions and has a soft recoil pad.

The grip is ergonomically designed to fit your hand.

The Fab Defense folding stock starts at $275.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for and the Fab Defense is one of the best.

These three aftermarket shotgun stocks offer different advantages for what suits your needs.

If space is an issue, and you want a folding stock, the Fab Defense is worth a look.

If you want to try a new product that can provide more ammo, then the TactaLoad could be right up your alley.

And of course, you can’t go wrong with a product from Magpul if you need a quality buttstock.

Whatever you do, make sure that you have a durable buttstock.

You never know when you may need to use it for self-defense, in place of shooting someone.

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