Satellites are Watching

In this week’s must read articles, learn what you need to do now to make sure you are ready when the unexpected happens. Also, see how modern day satellites are watching your every move along with practical ways to enhance your every day survival.
Find out how hackers are already working on creating chaos through smart vehicles and learn how you to purchase your own land with almost no money.
Let’s dive in…
Be Ready for the Unexpected with These Items
Are you ready for the unexpected? Most people aren’t. However, there are some critical ways for you to put measures in place so you don’t find yourself on a boat with no paddles. Read more here.
Satellites Have Already Started Watching Your Every Move
With technology constantly moving at a rapid pace, surveillance has increased in a number of ways. The amount of satellites along with their growing capacity to detect more and more details means privacy is decreasing with each passing day. Read more here. 
Must-do’s to Enhance Everyday Survival
While there is plenty of information and topics on surviving in the wilderness or what to do if you are being chased by an attacker, sometimes some of the most practical and accessible steps are available to make every day survival possible. Read more here. 
Hackers Could Use Connected Cars to Gridlock Whole Cities
If you had any reservations about self-driving vehicles, this article may encourage those thoughts. With all the benefits that come with this technology, such as helping tired drivers from falling asleep at the wheel or those under the influence from harming others on the road, there is the other side of the coin, and that is the hacking of these vehicles to create chaos. Read more here. 
How to Get Land with Almost No Money
Before purchasing your own property, there are some important things you need to consider. You can stretch your dollar if you have the right information. See how you can own your own property with almost no money and provide a safe haven to expand on. Read more here. 

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