This Simple “Shooting Screw Up” Sent Him to Jail!

I firmly believe that the bald spot that has suddenly seemed to make its way to the top of my cranium is NOT from the 47 hard-fought years (and counting) of my life.

Rather, it’s from the constant head-scratching I do, listening to stories of about just how little most gun-owners know about their responsibility in using their weapon.


Oh sure, I hear all the chest-thumping about “2nd Amendment Rights” and how they’ll never get your guns.

Yet every day, good people (just like you) go to JAIL and lose their right to ever own a firearm again because they simply don’t understand the basic legal framework of how to legally defend yourself with your gun.

That’s what happened to an Indiana man named David McLaughlin…

A criminal broke into McLaughlin’s garage… so McLaughlin opened fire.

While that, by itself, might have been justifiable, two of the shots fired were after the intruder had LEFT the property and was running down an alley.

David McLaughlin has now been found guilty of “criminal recklessness resulting in serious bodily injury.”

In other words, he WAS a tax-paying, productive citizen and gun owner who was trying to protect his home from burglary and home invasion.

Now he’s a convicted criminal himself… and his life is effectively over.

Look, our legal system very often makes no sense – and that should worry you…

I’m sure, in court, the prosecuting attorney pointed out what a bad childhood the burglar had… how he was disadvantaged and really just a “nice guy” who made a simple mistake by choosing a life of victimizing honest, upstanding citizens.

And I’m not excusing McLaughlin’s actions – he definitely <legally> screwed up by shooting at someone he had already effectively “defeated”.

But the bottom line is that the legal system is NOT about “justice”.

It’s about the law – plain and simple – and it’s most definitely rigged AGAINST the honest citizen.

That’s why Peyton Quinn and Jeff Anderson filmed the Bulletproof Legal Defense DVD.

In it, they reveal the common legal mistakes that put armed citizens like you in jail.

Know these mistakes…

Don’t let what happened to David McLaughlin happen to you!

It’s the things you don’t know that could land you in jail.

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