The startling Russia/ISIS connection

The Russian invasion of Ukraine obviously isn’t going to plan.

Russian leaders believed they would easily take control of many parts of Ukraine and wrap up the war quickly.

But the offensive has bogged down, and as the war drags on, Russia has resorted to accusing Ukraine of planning to use a dirty bomb.

Of course, this is just Russian propaganda.

Instead, the belief is that Russia is setting the stage to use a dirty bomb against Ukraine, then actually blame Ukraine for the bombing.

So, with tensions high, and the threat of a dirty bomb a real possibility, here are a few things to know and consider.

What is a dirty bomb?:

First, a dirty bomb is not the same thing as a nuclear weapon. It explodes from conventional materials.

A nuclear bomb explodes from a nuclear reaction.

But, a dirty bomb uses common explosives such as dynamite and combines them with radioactive material such as uranium.

A nuclear weapon will be thousands of times more powerful than a dirty bomb.

If a dirty bomb exploded, it would likely destroy a few buildings. A nuclear bomb would take out an entire city.

Without evidence, Russia’s ambassador to the UN Security Council said he believes that there are two facilities in Ukraine making dirty bombs.

In response, Ukraine officials welcomed inspections from the UN nuclear watchdog to verify that no dirty bombs are being manufactured.

In addition, countries including the U.S., United Kingdom, and NATO have accused Russia of making up the claim to cover up their possible use of a dirty bomb.

To date, there has never been a successful detonation of a dirty bomb.

Yet, a dirty bomb is the type of bomb that would likely be used by terrorists to create fear, and terrorist groups such as ISIS have reportedly tried to build the bombs.

With that in mind, here are a few things to keep in mind if you ever found yourself near the explosion of a dirty bomb.

Surviving the explosion:

If you survive the explosion of a dirty bomb there is a good chance you can survive the radiation.

You see, if the blast doesn’t kill you then you likely aren’t close enough to be killed by the fallout.

But this doesn’t mean you don’t need to take precautions.

A dirty bomb could contaminate several city blocks depending on the size of the explosion.

After the explosion, you want to get as far away as you can from the blast site.

If you are indoors when the explosion goes off and you are safe, then stay inside.

Keep in mind that there will be massive fear created by the unknown. People in the entire city will panic.

Remove your clothes:

Once you have moved several miles away from the blast zone you should remove your clothes. Put them in a plastic bag and seal them completely.

But keep the clothes because they can be used to test later to determine how much exposure you experienced.

Next, you want to take a shower in mildly warm water. Warm water will open your pores and allow the contamination to exit your body.

Also, use mild soap to wash your body. There is no need to scrub your body as this would likely irate your skin.

Don’t eat:

Avoid consuming any food that was near the blast of the bomb. One of the most common components of a dirty bomb is iodine.

Iodine is easily absorbed through foods such as vegetables and milk.

Also, don’t drink any water or liquid in the area of the blast site because these could contain harmful fallout.

In addition, one of the symptoms of radiation exposure is loss of appetite.

So, while you don’t want to eat in the immediate aftermath, make sure you consume food and water that is safe so you can keep the energy you need.

The reality is that a dirty bomb would likely cause a limited number of deaths.

It would not be as devastating as a nuclear explosion. But a dirty bomb would be very effective in psychological warfare as it would create fear and panic.

With Russia desperate for a win in Ukraine, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them use a dirty bomb.

But even if it doesn’t happen in Ukraine, there is always the possibility of a terrorist attack involving a dirty bomb.

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