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The Weekly Drop

Allow me to welcome you to Black Bag Confidential’s Weekly Drop. Each week, I’ll tackle your most pressing questions ­— the things that keep you up at night worrying about your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Then I’ll “drop” it in your inbox every Saturday.


Your Five Must-Read Articles This Week

There is so much going on in the world, it’s impossible to stay up-to-date on the latest threats to your safety and liberty. Which is why each week, I’ll comb the web for five must-read articles to keep you informed. Think of this as your “defensive dossier.” Because it’s easier to prepare for any kind of danger if you can see it coming.


Flying Under the Radar

Last year, the Transportation Security Administration screened over 708 million people. That breaks down to about 1.9 million people per day. TSA agents often take items that shouldn’t necessarily be confiscated, but when you’ve got a plane to catch, you’re not in the best position to negotiate with them. Today I’ll tell you how to stay safe and keep your items from being snatched.


Plan to Get Out Alive

I’m finally home after several days of traveling and training — from Utah to New York to Las Vegas to Baltimore and back to Utah. No matter where I go, here’s the one strategy I always use to guard against a potential attack.