Why Great Entrepreneurs Are Older Than You Think

Continuing revelations of the extensive scope of the U.S. government’s mass spying program, piled on top of decades of foreign intervention and liberty suppression at home, can lead Americans to question if they should give up their work for peace and liberty. Nevertheless, there is reason for hope that pursuing this work will yield success. …


The Untrustables

I have come to the point that I cannot believe a thing President Obama says. That’s not quite the same as saying I don’t believe anything he says. When he speaks he may be telling the truth, he may not be, or he may be parsing his words to mislead. But it’s impossible to know …


Syria and the Perpetual War Economy

Whether you agree or not that the U.S. ought to strike Syria, there is one reason it will: Because it has to. (Indeed, the bombing may already have started by the time you read this.) Perpetual war is one of the pillars of the US economy. According to the Mercatus Center, the U.S. spends more …