Make Yourself Untraceable

This week’s mailbag kicks off with the No. 1 way to keep from being tracked using your cellphone. You’ll also discover which anti-virus software you should NOT use, two ways to strengthen your window security and still enjoy fresh air, three easy self-defense moves you can teach your kids and more.


The Advantage of an Integrated Home Security System

When it comes to home security, there is a seemingly endless stream of gadgets you can install to help keep your family safe — cameras, door locks, flood lights and motion sensors, among others — and you can purchase many of these devices with smart technology capabilities so they can be remotely controlled and monitored from your smartphone. Here’s why you should.


The Next Phase of Survival

As I’ve said before, the most important thing you can do if you’re caught in an active shooter scenario is MOVE. Once you are in a defensive position that is well hidden and away from the site of the shooting, it’s time for the next phase of survival.