How Do You Approach a Lunatic?

This week’s batch of reader mail addresses several threats that are currently top of mind in our country, from mass shootings to panicked crowds. In addition, you’ll discover several potent plants that provide home security, how to get your tactical pen through TSA and the best way to get all my lifesaving advice.


Avoid This Pepper Spray Nightmare

As we head into peak shopping season, public spaces will become more crowded. Throngs of people add an extra challenge to sustaining situational awareness. And as we’ve seen, mobs can be downright dangerous. Tom Lavin offers his advice on how to protect yourself in a crowd so you don’t become a victim of disastrous circumstances.​


How to Be a Good Hostage

If you’re taken hostage, the first 30 minutes are the most critical. Should you ever find yourself in a hostage situation, here are six things you can do to survive that first half hour — and hopefully make it home to your loved ones unharmed.