Give the Gift of Self-Defense

In this week’s mailbag, I’ll reveal my No. 1 self-defense weapon that’s perfect for the whole family. One of my readers even gave one to his daughter. You’ll also discover how to get that meddlesome browser Chrome off all your devices, the easiest way to avoid being a victim of identity theft and more.


Another Storm Is Brewing

Right now, various parts of the United States are consumed with fire and flood. Your town could very well be next. Please take a look at this week’s must-read articles. There are several urgent warnings, along with valuable survival advice.


Storm Economics in One Lesson

In a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy, the only thing people should fear more than the storm is the government’s response. Let us count the ways. Mandatory evacuations presume that politicians know the risks better than property owners themselves. That can’t possibly be true. In an information age, we all have access to the same …