The Ultimate Doomsday Prepping List, Part I

Nowadays, even bigwigs in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street are getting into the prepping game. When the wealthiest people in America are worried, you should be too. Take a look at this “Doomsday Prepping List” put together by our friends over at 4Patriots. It’s the most comprehensive prepping list we’ve posted to date.


Basic Trauma Care for Civilians

Today, our resident Special Operations physician, Omar Hamada, reviewed the basics of trauma care for civilians. These skills could come in handy not only after a shooting incident, but also after a car accident or any number of other emergencies.


Five Skills You Need to Survive

I realize in this day and age, a lot of folks think survival skills are outdated. But you never know when one or more of these useful skills just might save your life. Make a resolution to learn at least one new thing this year. One day, your life might depend on it.