Out of the Clear Blue Sky

According to The Washington Post, 1.2 million people received drones as gifts this holiday season. Long-range drones, drones with cameras, drones that can carry up to 44 pounds, tracking drones, automatic landing drones… the list of drone capabilities is ever-growing. What happens when these devices make it into the wrong hands? ​


6th-Grader Suspended for Government Drawing

A sixth-grader has been suspended for drawing an inappropriate picture. The drawing did not include any gun, but showed a checkpoint backed up by a SWAT team carrying flower pots while an unarmed drone hovered above. The suspended girl, whose name is kept secret at the request of her family, said she “just wanted to …


The Case of the 5-Year Old Bubble Gun Terrorist

A few weeks ago in the Land of the Free, a five-year-old girl in Pennsylvania was labeled a terrorist threat. Fortunately for the citizens of Northumberland County, local authorities managed to detain this nefarious kindergartener before she could exact her villainous deeds on thousands of innocents. Authorities were tipped off after someone overheard a conversation …


To Drone, or Not to Drone?

Decent folk don’t need Dick Cheney to describe something as “a good policy” to know it’s probably a bad idea. But just in case they missed the point the first time around, the former VP was on television last week to hammer it home for them. In an interview with CBS This Morning, Cheney brushed …


The Future of Drones in America

Drones are wildly popular on the battlefield. Now they can claim victory elsewhere. The use of drones within U.S. borders — in car chases, to monitor wildfires, or for simple surveillance — is uniting political parties and people more often at odds. Their concern: The widespread use of drones among civilians represents a deep and …


The Drones Are Watching and Waiting

The topic of drones came up on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Advertising guru and pro-drone Donny Deutsch pushed back against a skeptical Joe Scarborough saying, “What’s the big deal? There was no due process at Waco.” It’s just a difference in technology, he said. “It’s a more advanced way of dealing with problems,” Deutsch contended with …