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Firearm-Free Self-Defense Options

There are a ton of great recommendations in this edition of the Weekly Drop — from the best self-defense weapons that aren’t a gun… to where you can buy QuikClot if you’re not a medical professional… to how to get your hands on a discontinued Baofeng UV-5R two-way radio.


Skim a Little off the Top

In the first of this week’s must-read articles, you’ll learn how to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft when you least expect it. Today’s roundup also discusses the White House’s new cyber policy, the practicality of drone registration and why many preppers will die when the SHTF.


Head for Higher Ground

A 50-foot wall of water is headed your way — what do you do? You’ve got an empty Altoids can — what survival items should you put in it? Your home is a fortress — but how do you fortify your yard? Let’s find out.