The Risks of Using Facial Recognition Technology

Last month, Apple unveiled two new hotly anticipated versions of the iPhone: the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, both of which feature Face ID facial recognition technology. I have no doubt using facial recognition software to identify people will soon become a security standard on many devices. However, there are some big risks that can’t be ignored — and should be addressed before facial recognition becomes commonplace.


Eat These Foods After Garlic for Fresh Breath

Garlic breath happens to the best of us. It’s the uncomfortable, embarrassing and inevitable side effect of enjoying one of the world’s tastiest and healthiest foods. But scientists have recently discovered two foods that can help you rid yourself of this pungent condition with just a few bites.


The Regulatory State Does Not Like You

Two important regulatory rulings have been issued in the last day that will have a profound effect on your life, both immediately and over the long run. One forces a continued degradation of AT&T’s cell phone coverage by forbidding a merger with the embattled company T-Mobile. The other targets a feature of Google’s Android phone …