Tackling a Pandemic

In this week’s Must-Read articles we cover…

What to know about your local region in case of a disaster…

Experiencing violence and the fight or flight reactions that occur…

How to rescue yourself after falling through ice…

What you need to know to tackle a pandemic…

And how to tackle traveling without a personal defense weapon.

Let’s dive in…

Why It’s Mandatory to Recon Your Land Area

You never know when a disaster will strike and if it does, most likely you will find yourself in your local area. Because of this, it is necessary to know your region for several reasons. Read more here. 

Violence: Will You Panic When You Least Expect It?

How would react if a violent situation was happening to you or near you? The phrase ‘fight or flight’ is often referenced for good reason, it’s our bodies natural response. Take a look at one persons first hand account and what they learned from it. Read more here. 

How to Rescue Yourself After Falling Through Ice

You’ve probably heard stories about people who fell through ice and then got stuck underneath and drowned. This is a scary possibility but a real one. Find out what you need to know to save yourself from that fate. Read more here. 

Pandemic Awareness: Creating a Plan Without Outright Panic

Often when any kind of new virus surfaces, many panic therefore limiting the critical thinking and common sense needed to address it. Here is what you need to know now to tackle the next pandemic. Read more here.

Travelling Without Weapons for Personal Protection

We are very vulnerable when travelling as the laws prevent so many of our personal defense weapons from coming along for the ride. Take a look at one persons view on how to handle this next time you leave town. Read more here. 

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