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This week’s batch of must-read articles covers some new topics — like how to be an eco-friendly prepper and what you need to do to get Rover ready for an emergency.

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1. Power Outages Coincide in LA, New York and San Francisco

Last Friday, morning commuters in three major U.S. cities experienced unexpected travel delays due to random power outages. Luckily, power was restored relatively quickly in all three cases.

But just imagine what it would be like if there were a prolonged power outage in any U.S. city. If that happened where you live, would you be prepared?

Now, you may be wondering what caused these blackouts. Were they connected? Will there be more? Click on the link above to find out.

2. Eight Sustainable Changes You Can Make That Will Have a Positive Impact on Earth

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, this article features eight ways you can support our planet so it can keep on turning.

Some of these suggestions will help you save money. Some will help you save space. Some will help you save time. Some may even make you healthier.

But all of them will help you live a greener, simpler, more sustainable life — which benefits everyone.

3. Earn Hundreds of Dollars in Two Minutes — Every Tuesday

This isn’t a job offer. Or a get-rich-quick scheme. This is a viable way to make hundreds of dollars in instant income every Tuesday, which could go a long way toward financially protecting you and your loved ones.

The best part is it doesn’t require any sort of specialized skills, years of experience or expensive equipment.

So how does it work?

Well, you’ll just have to click on the link above to find out…

4. Prepping for Our Furry Friends — Stuff for Spot

In these pages, we’ve talked about solo prepping, prepping for older folks and prepping for kids. Recently, I was asked about another type of prepping.

“Hey, Jason, how do I prep for my pets?”

It’s a valid question. Especially since, for many people, pets are part of the family. And unfortunately, they are not able to make their own preparations.

The piece above reviews lots of prepping considerations for your furry friends — from food and water basics to pet medication and what other supplies you should have on hand to keep your animals comfortable in an emergency. Check it out.

5. Geeks vs. Government: The Battle Over Public Key Cryptography

Cryptography is the art of writing and deciphering codes. Public key cryptography — also known as asymmetric cryptography — uses public and private keys to encrypt and decrypt data. These keys are two different large numbers that have been paired together.

The public key can be shared with everyone. The other key in the pair (the private key) is kept secret. You can use either key to encrypt a message and the opposite key for decryption.

This all sounds simple enough. So what is there to fight about?

Well, according to the BBC, one government agency says any discussion of advances in public key cryptography “would be deemed legally equivalent to exporting nuclear arms to a hostile foreign power.”

Click on the article above to find out why this type of encryption is so explosive.

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Jason Hanson

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