Online Privacy: The Complete Guide

In this week’s Must-Read articles you will have access to learn if you are living in a flood zone and what that means for you, how you can decide which holster to buy,  along with what steps you can take to make it far more difficult for a hacker to gain access to your personal information.

You will also learn easy changes you can make to your home to provide several layers of added security and finally, how you can level up your dry fire practice with a SIRT pistol.

Let’s dive in…

Flooding: Don’t Live in a Flood Zone

Flooding. It’s horrible. Getting flooded out is something everyone needs to avoid if at all possible, because being flooded is one of the surest ways to lose most… if not all… of your things. Read More Here.

Holsters: Leather Versus Kydex

quality holster is critical piece of equipment for carrying and using a pistol safely and effectively. A good holster will securely hold the pistol and support it in such a way that its user can easily acquire their shooting grip for a fast, clean draw. Read More Here.

Online Privacy, the Complete Guide

Before you start reading, try this: Google your full name with middle initial, and the state you live in. What did you find? Your home address? Your phone number? Where you work? A map to your home? The amount of information that is available on us is enormous, and disturbing. Read More Here.

Best DIY Home Security: 10 Things You Can Do

When it comes to protecting your home from thieves or burglars, there is no such thing as “complete protection” or “total security.” There will always be some level of risk that you cannot avoid. In order for a crime to occur, a criminal must have motive, means (tools, skills, etc.), and the opportunity to commit it. Read More Here.

Beyond Dry Fire: the SIRT Pistol

Practicing for proficiency with a handgun takes more than just live fire at the range. Even then, live fire practice is logistically challenging for some and also expensive thanks to ever climbing ammo costs. Smart shooters will fill the gap and get good reps in with dry fire, but dry fire does not provide complete feedback for the shooter. Read More Here.

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