Life-Changing EMP Threat Is Latest From North Korea

Boy, oh boy. Every time I think I’ve been able to bring everyone up to speed on North Korea and how we can best prepare for a worst-case scenario, something new happens.

Kim Jong Un’s missile launch tests have proven he can reach at least the western half of the United States. Yet there has been a lot of speculation on whether North Korea has a nuclear-equipped intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). Especially one that could withstand reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere.

But what if that fact doesn’t even matter? It might not.

Now, for the first time, Kim Jong Un is threatening to hit the U.S. with an electromagnetic pulse. He would attempt to do that by detonating a nuclear weapon 200 or 300 miles above our country.

And North Korea has already shown this ability. They’ve reached those heights in separate satellite launches…

There Would Be Catastrophic Consequences

What if Kim Jong Un were successful with such an attack? The consequences could be devastating for millions of Americans.

The attack would have the potential of carrying enormous destructive power — the same type of power as an atomic device, according to Harry Kazianis, director of Defense Studies at the Center for National Interest.

Radioactive fallout would spread through the atmosphere. It would leak into lakes, oceans and into the soil. Cancer cases would dramatically increase over the decades.

What if — and we’re pretty sure it would — the EMP fried our electrical grid? We would be without power for an extended period of time. Many would perish from that situation alone.

Kazianis told Fox News: “The casualty rates would be off the charts” if major cities such as New York or Washington, D.C., lost power for “only” a week.

East Coast May Be the Target

It’s likely the East Coast would be the target of an EMP. Why? Because of the huge population base and the centers of government in the nation’s capital. But also because it’s the area serviced by our oldest electrical grid.

The East Coast is a very electrical-dependent region of the country. If that grid goes down for weeks or months, the infrastructure will break down. We’ll see death and destruction unlike anything we’ve ever seen in this country.

Even if we were able to launch nuclear missiles at North Korea and annihilate that country in response… it would still not change the situation here.

We would still revert back into the 1800s. We’d go from being the most powerful nation on Earth to one of the weakest.

Why Isn’t the Government Focused on an EMP Attack?

With this type of attack, “There would be widespread and probably long-lasting power outages and wireline telecommunications systems such as telephone and TV/internet cable would suffer serious damage,” according to John Gilbert, a retired Air Force colonel and senior science fellow with the Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation.

The U.S. has known about the dangers associated with an EMP event for many years now. Former Nightline host Ted Koppel even wrote a book about this possible scenario in 2015. He titled it Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath.

But what has the government done in the meantime to combat this potential disaster? Not much, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Eight years earlier, this agency made recommendations to the government. Specifically on how to prevent calamitous outages triggered by an EMP. Last year, they reported the federal government failed to set up these precautions.

More Important Than Ever to Be Self-Reliant

“The United States can provide better protection of the nation’s infrastructure [than it does],” said Richard Schoeberl, a terrorism analyst and former unit chief at the CIA’s National Counterterrorism Center. “The threat of EMP is completely plausible.”

Kazianis said that the U.S. is “highly vulnerable” to such an attack. “We should work quickly to make the necessary upgrades to ensure North Korea can’t catch us by surprise,” he said.

As self-reliant Americans, we know we can’t depend on the government to keep us safe. Looks like once again it is up to us as individuals to protect ourselves and our families.

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