Impenetrable Homes During Power Outages

Learn how to make your home impenetrable during power outages…

See the importance of understanding criminal motivation…

Learn how to practice marksmanship without wasting ammo…

See how to recognize killers around you…

And find out the governments recent reason for gathering your data.

Let’s dive in…

Make Your Home Impenetrable Even During Power Outages

Intruders break in to homes frequently, especially when defenses are down when the power is out. Learn how to take extra measures to secure your home in any circumstance. Read more here.

Understanding Criminal Motivation

It is difficult to understand what goes through a person’s mind when committing a crime. The reasons for crimes are unlimited and understanding their motivation is what will keep you one step closer to avoid becoming a victim. Read more here.

How to Practice Good Marksmanship Without Wasting Ammo

Learning how to hone your speed and accuracy when it matters most are necessary skills to learn. In this article, see how you can do this anytime without breaking the bank on ammunition. Read more here.

You’re Surrounded by Killers While Pretending You Are Not

People have a way of convincing themselves they are in no harm unless you end up in a dark alley in the middle of the night with strangers following you. The truth is, killers are everywhere and most try to blend in and go unnoticed. Learn how to recognize this and to keep yourself out of harms way. Read more here.

Feds Demand Google, Apple Hand Over Names, Data of Scope App Owners

If you are using an app to control riflescopes, your personal data is being turned over to the government. The reasons for this are still somewhat unclear, but there is more to know. Read more here.


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