How to give your hands strength

In this week’s mailbag we cover…

Choosing which is safer, a credit union or a bank…

Steps to take before trusting your money with a new CPA…

Practicing drawing from your holster when the range won’t allow it…

What you can do to build back strength in your hands…

Where I buy the handguns I recommend…

And more!

Let’s dive in…

Is it safer to bank with a credit union instead of a bank with all the scams and hacking going on?

– Ken E

Answer: Unfortunately, both banks and credit unions are commonly targeted by scammers and hackers. Now, large banks such as Wells Fargo are more likely to be targeted than a small community credit union simply because the hackers believe the payoff will be bigger for a larger institution.

With that being said, big banks such as Wells Fargo spend a considerable amount of money on cyber security, therefore the security they have in place is going to be much better than your smaller credit union.

At the end of the day, you should really go with whatever institution you feel more comfortable with. But, all of them will face attacks.

With tax season in full swing I am about to invest a large sum of money with a new CPA that I don’t know very well. I would like to know how long it might take to do a background check and the cost for one?

– Mark T

Answer: It all depends on how thorough you want to be. If you want to be incredibly thorough and know everything about this guy, this it’s going to cost $500. But, if you want just a simple criminal check, it can be done for $50.

If you’re investing a large sum of money, then I’d spend the $500 to be safe. This can be done in a week or two, depending on how many places he has lived and if he’s ever lived overseas.

You are such a great man to me… I started reading your articles a while back and I’m impressed!!! A man of convictions is hard to find these days… On top of that you are a Christian and that is so awesome!!! I’m with you 100% my man… Stay the course and stand for Jesus!!! 

Jesus’ love is what it is all about… Jesus didn’t die on that cross for nothing… He died for you and me!!! Your rewards are being built in heaven my Christian friend… I really like your articles and stay the course… I’m standing right next to you!!!

– Patrick K

Answer: Thank you for your kind words and support. I really appreciate your message and I guarantee you I will stay the course. Nothing will divert me from Christ.

Most ranges that I have been to won’t allow any drawing from the holster. Any other ideas?

– Marty S

Answer: I would check around with more ranges to try and find one that will allow you to draw from your holster, even if you have to drive further. But, if you can’t find one, then you’ll want to do a bunch of dry fire practice, coming out of your holster at your house with a safe and empty gun.

My hands are becoming weaker so I would like to know if there is any exercise or exercise equipment I could use to strengthen my hands for shooting?

– Donald N

Answer: There are a few different things you can do to try and regain strength in your hands. First, take a heavy-duty rubber band or a rubber wristband and put it around your fingers and try to push your fingers apart. This will help with your grip strength while shooting.

Another thing you could try is the hand gripper exerciser, which sells for about $10 on Amazon. This is the spring device with two handles that you can use to improve your hand strength. Lastly, if manipulating a semi-auto were just too painful, I would consider getting a revolver.

Where can handguns you recommend be bought?

– Yolonda F

Answer: You can buy handguns online at places like Cabela’s, Bud’s Gun Shop and Cheaper Than Dirt. Of course, you can check with your local gun store to see if they have any of the guns in stock.

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