Exercise LESS and Live Longer?!

Dear Living Well Daily Reader,

It seems like everyone is talking about exercise these days.

If it’s not your doctor, it’s your spouse or the nightly news telling you to “stay active” or “get more steps.”

The only problem is it’s hard to get the 150 recommended minutes of exercise in during the week.

So you have to get a workout in while we can — on the weekend.

And while cramming all this exercise into just a few days may not give us with a lot time for rest, it may give us some extra time on Earth.

You see, new research shows that doing your workouts in just one or two prolonged sessions can help you dodge premature death from all causes, including cancer and heart disease.

To make this discovery, researchers examined the health data of more than 63,000 adults. During the analysis, they looked for links between “weekend warrior” activity and other physical activity patterns and risk of death from all causes.

At the end of the study, the scientists found that folks who crammed all their exercise into just a few sessions a week were just as likely to beat premature death as someone who exercised throughout the week. Both groups had roughly a 30 percent lower risk of death from all causes than inactive adults did.

Additionally, weekend warriors saw an 18 percent lower risk of death from cancer and a 40 percent lower risk of death from heart disease.

This means you can do your 150 minutes of moderate exercise in as many or few sessions as you want and see the same incredible, life-extending results.

So get out your walking shoes and warrior on this weekend. It just might extend your life.

Live well,

Natalie Moore
Managing editor, Living Well Daily

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