The Miracle Nutrient for Your Brain?

Dear Living Well Daily Reader,

Yesterday, you learned about three key supplements to help nourish your brain: curcumin, Bacopa, and B12.

However, we also warned you that if you grab any ol’ brand of these supplements, you run the risk of buying one that’s ineffective.

Or… even worse… one with an ingredient that’s flat-out dangerous to your brain health.

Starting today, you’re going to discover the right forms of these powerful nutrients, beginning with curcumin.

As you learned yesterday, curcumin is the active ingredient in the Indian spice turmeric. Although you can occasionally run into brands that have insect parts and larvae in their bottles, you’re generally not risking your health no matter what kind of curcumin you get.

However, if your goal is better brain health, there is a huge difference in the effectiveness of various kinds of curcumin.

This is because some curcumin is more “bioavailable” to your brain and other critical bodily functions than others.

In other words, some forms of curcumin can get where they need to go in your body… without being destroyed by your digestiive system first.

The trouble for some forms of curcumin begins when it reaches your intestines. First, it must cross the intestinal cells into a blood vessel called the portal vein. Unfortunately, curcumin’s particle size is too large, so most of it cannot cross.

The portal vein, however, is like a highway on-ramp. Before getting on the main drag, the blood must pass through your liver.

Imagine your liver as the border between two hostile countries. Armed guards called metabolic enzymes stand to either side, hungry for an excuse to toss anyone out.

When the metabolic enzymes spot curcumin, they can’t tell whether it is a friend or foe. So they take the safe bet… immediately grab the curcumin… and attach a unique kind of sugar called a “glucuronide” to it.

Then the curcumin is escorted to the kidneys, where it’s excreted through your urine.

As a result, when you take regular curcumin as a supplement, you get only a fraction of the health benefits that you could.

The good news is scientists have discovered the solution to curcumin’s poor absorption.

Before I reveal what it is, I do want to be fair:

Some curcumin (between 1-10%) makes it to your cells to work its healing power. This is how we know curcumin is so good for your brain. The problem is getting enough without upsetting your system.

One workaround is simply eating extremely large amounts of curcumin. But this carries the problem of upsetting your stomach (a common complaint with high doses).

And it’s expensive.

Another serious flaw with this solution is curcumin still can’t overcome the final barrier your body has in place: your blood-brain barrier.

This barrier acts as a protective mechanism for your brain’s delicate tissue.

Normally, it’s life-preserving. But if you’re experiencing declining brain health, this barrier works against you, blocking the nutrients your brain needs to stay healthy.

According to Dr. Greg Cole, professor of medicine and neurology at UCLA, “There is no evidence that glucuronidated curcumin – the curcumin that has the sugar attached to it — will cross the blood-brain barrier.”

In fact, this barrier blocks 98% of treatments meant for the brain!

So what can make it through?

According to Dr. Cole, “All available evidence suggests that it will be free curcumin that will have the most efficacy.” That is, curcumin free of any sugar attached.

So how can you flood your body with free curcumin?

In the late ’90s, a group of neuroscientists at UCLA discovered the secret.

They found a certain form of curcumin that’s digested in a completely different way. As a result, the free curcumin is made more available for your body and brain to use.

When this unique form of curcumin was tested on volunteers, their brainpower was boosted in one hour.

And here’s the great news:

We’ve secured a supply of this special kind of curcumin, and it’s now the star ingredient in our brand-new brain formula called Brain Support Plus.

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Brad Lemley
Chief health officer, Spy Briefing’s Living Well

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