Destroying a $2M tank with a child’s toy

Yegor F. is a commander of a Ukrainian army drone unit.

For weeks, he operated in Avdiivka, Ukraine carrying out drone attacks against Russian forces.

Using drones that cost around $400, the Ukrainian forces targeted Russian tanks that were worth $2 million.

Both the drones and the tanks were typically destroyed in the attack, but for the Ukrainians, losing a $400 drone to destroy a tank was well worth the price.

The first-person drones are equipped with an onboard camera which helped the Ukrainians to be very accurate with explosive strikes.

The drones used by Ukraine weigh about two pounds.

They have four small engines, a battery, and a camera connected to goggles worn by the drone pilot.

They can carry around five pounds of explosives and can hit a target at over 90 mph.

Ukrainian forces built the drones using parts from China, and the Chinese website AliExpress.

A Ukrainian soldier said, “It is almost impossible to shoot it down. Only a net can help. And I predict that soon we will have to put up such nets above our cities, or at least government buildings, all over Europe.”

The scary thing is that after Ukraine conducted drone attacks, the same methods were used by Hamas terrorists to attack Israel.

According to Ukraine, they believe that Hamas gained the knowledge to carry out the attacks from Russia.

A Ukrainian soldier said, “Only we and the Russians know how to do this — and we did not teach them.”

The drone technology used by Ukraine isn’t anything special and can be easily duplicated as the terrorist group showed.

And the scary truth is, other criminals will soon learn how to use first-person drones to carry out crimes.

Considering how quickly drone capabilities are expanding, here are a few ways criminals could use drones.

Open-air events:

Large events such as NFL games, and concerts will likely see more disruptions from drones.

Earlier this year, an NFL game had to stop because a drone was hovering overhead. Luckily, the drone didn’t cause any harm.

The reality is, event organizers are going to have to figure out a way to prevent drones from entering.

It’s only a matter of time before a criminal uses this method to hurt attendees.

Illegal deliveries:

There have been cases where drones have transported illegal goods across the U.S.-Mexico border.

But this is just one example of the ways criminals can and will use drones to deliver illegal goods.

From prisons to rehab centers, drones have been used to get contraband to people.

Another factor that we will see more in the coming year is deliveries from places such as Amazon.

Amazon has been testing drone deliveries in two cities and is looking to expand its testing.

Imagine how porch pirates steal packages these days.

If they were able to follow drones it could be easier to do without detection, compared to a delivery truck.

Organized crime:

One of the most common reasons criminals use drones is for surveillance.

Organized criminal groups could use drones to track police investigations and intimidate witnesses. Drones can watch who goes in and out of a police station or courthouse.

Even more troubling is that criminals will likely develop the means to place explosives on drones, much like what Ukraine has done.

So, not only would they be able to conduct surveillance, but they could cause physical harm.

And the drones could self-destruct if they are caught by law enforcement.

Meaning, law enforcement will have to figure out how to bring down drones, while at the same time ensuring they don’t explode and hurt innocent people.

As criminals look for ways to use drones, law enforcement will need to develop countermeasures.

Let’s hope law enforcement figures out how to stop them before the drone attacks turn physical.

But you never want to solely rely on the cops to protect you.

You should always have your own plan and the means to protect and defend yourself.

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