Better Than an AR-15?

My reasons for why a machete is better than an AR-15 are explained in this “combat machete” training video… 

But to sum it up, here are just a few reasons:

Proven Lethality – It’s been estimated that about 600,000 people were killed with machetes during the genocidal Rwandan war in the 1990s. Essentially, the machete is a short sword – and very deadly in the right hands.

Stealth – the goal in a collapse is to remain undetected and people are naturally attracted to gunfire.  If you ever have to fire a shot in defense, police and military will quickly come running to possibly detain you and/or confiscate your weapon.

Hungry civilians may think you bagged a deer and will be seeking food.  Either way, you just blew your cover.  But a machete offers silent, lethal protection.

No Ammo… No Re-loading – Any soldier will tell you that in a real battlefield firefight, your biggest concern is running out of ammo.  Face it, you can only carry so much and when you’ve unloaded your last round, your AR-15 is basically a giant paperweight.

Machetes don’t run out of ammo and it’s likely that most people you’ll be forced to defend against will have melee weapons anyway (like knives, bats, tire irons, shovels, axes, etc.)  The machete has a convincing advantage over all of these.

But again… just as you wouldn’t think to buy a handgun and not take it to the range to become tactically proficient with it, nor could you expect to be a true “blade master” without knowing how to actually use a machete in real life-or-death combat.

That’s why me and my training partner, D’Mon, filmed the “Combat Machete” DVD series here… 

This one-of-a-kind step-by-step tutorial will walk you through all you need to get started training with the machete including:

-Covert carry options (so no one will ever know you’re packing!)

-Basic footwork skills to develop amazing balance, coordination and power

The absolute best targets to strike in combat (they’re not the ones most people think of!)

-Simple angles of attack you can master quickly

-The ancient tactic that creates an almost “invisible blade path” that’s virtually indefensible!

-Real life-or-death attack strategies to keep you and your loved ones alive (even against a mob of bloodthirsty looters!)

This DVD is a very real $27 value but you can get it for a steal right now in a special offer for the readers…​

Take advantage of this offer now while it’s available!

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