The Best Way to Store Emergency Water

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What is this mysterious product? I’ll tell you in just a moment. But first, allow me to illustrate how this simple object could save your life.

Through Hell and High Water

According to FEMA, Hurricane Katrina was “the single most catastrophic natural disaster in U.S. history.”

As the storm approached, Debbie Este of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, decided to hunker down at home with her mother and her two daughters. Later, Debbie admitted she ignored warnings to evacuate because she didn’t want to leave her pets behind.

Then the nearby levees broke — and water began pouring into Debbie’s home.

As the water quickly rose, the family rushed to collect their pets and some supplies and get to the highest part of the house, which was the attic.

Imagine a mother, her two daughters and their grandmother huddled in an attic as the rain continued to pour, the wind continued to blow and the water level continued to climb. Luckily, the water stopped rising before it reached the attic opening.

And that’s when the cold, hard truth sunk in. They were trapped in an attic with no windows in sweltering temperatures with only a single gallon of drinking water that someone managed to grab in the chaos. All four women immediately began yelling for help.

A day and a half later — with their gallon of water almost gone — Debbie’s mother, Melissa Harold, passed away. For three more days, Debbie and her daughters remained stranded in the attic with temperatures reaching 110 degrees.

Then they ran out of water.

Due to a medical condition, Debbie had pain medication with her. She raised the possibility of purposefully overdosing so the three of them did not have to suffer a long and painful death. But her daughters refused to give up and kept yelling and screaming anytime they heard rescuers nearby.

Soon after, Debbie’s brother arrived by boat to search for his family members. Hearing their screams from the attic, he took an ax and cut a hole in the roof so the women could escape.

Debbie and her daughters are lucky to be alive — their story could have easily ended in complete tragedy.

The Elixir of Life

The reason I’m sharing Debbie’s harrowing experience with you today is to highlight the importance of storing water for an emergency.

Water is absolutely critical in any survival situation because our bodies can survive a lot longer without food than without water. In fact, we can only survive about three days without water, but we can go up to three weeks without food.

So what’s the best way to store water?

Recently, a fellow told me he refills plastic water bottles and stores them in his basement. I bet a lot of people do this, but it’s not something I recommend, because you risk chemicals from the plastic leaching into the water over time.

Another option for water storage is using 55-gallon drums made from heavy-duty plastic. These can store a lot of water, but you won’t be able to move a 55-gallon drum full of water in a hurry. And these drums take up a lot of storage space.

You need to be able to store water in such a way that it’s accessible and easy to transport if you need to flee or move it to a safer part of your home when hunkering down.

This brings me to today’s special offer.

I’m a big believer in WaterBricks. These stackable water storage containers are extremely durable for long-term storage. Each container holds 3.5 gallons and weighs just under 30 pounds, making them a cinch to grab and go.

They have many other uses besides emergency prep. You can take them boating, camping or tailgating. You can (and should) keep them in your home, in your car or at your office.

Action to Take

Buy your very own set of WaterBrick water storage containers today. Water is critical for survival in any situation, so don’t delay.

Click here to ensure that your family will never find themselves trapped in an attic with only one gallon of water between you.

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Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson

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