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FBI warns: U.S. agriculture targeted for attack

Nothing is off-limits when it comes to cyberattacks – even cream cheese. Last year, a cyberattack targeted one of the largest cheese manufacturers in the U.S. This contributed to a cream cheese shortage felt all over the country. The target of the cyberattack was Wisconsin-based Schreiber foods. Schreiber is one of the country’s largest marketers …


Sneak attack: Russian spies on our border

Russia’s spies are good at what they do. They use the cover of embassies and consulates to carry out their spying operations. They also recruit Russian immigrants, create fake companies, and convince foreigners to spy for them. Hector F. is a prominent Mexican scientist. In 2020, he was arrested at Miami International Airport while trying …


When and why to choose a thigh holster

Chicago police responded to shots fired in the lobby of Mercy Hospital on Chicago’s south side. Upon arrival, officers encountered a gunman and exchanged fire. One officer was shot and killed in the line of duty. Two hospital workers, a doctor, and a pharmacy resident were also shot and killed. A second police officer was …


The “frozen beer” survival diet

Cliff B. lives in Alaska. He travels about 40 miles each day to the city of Nome for work. Most people who live in Alaska are prepared for harsh winter weather, but Cliff wasn’t as prepared as he would have liked. While driving one day outside Nome, Cliff’s pickup truck veered off the road and …