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Are Titanium gun parts worth it?

Brad L. is a physical education teacher in Arizona. One day, he was walking down a school hallway when he collapsed. At first, Brad thought he was having a stroke. He tried to stand up, but his leg wouldn’t move. Students called 911 and went to get help. At the hospital, doctors took X-rays to …


Oregon theft ring runs wild during power outage

During a recent snowstorm, parts of Portland experienced power outages. This included popular shopping areas. With no power, criminals took the opportunity to break into multiple stores by shattering windows to gain entry. They knew there wouldn’t be any surveillance cameras to catch them since the power was out. In the case of one of …


Lovesick man steals camel for his beloved

For people in the United Arab Emirates, camels are loyal companions and useful animals that can be used for traveling in the desert. In addition, camels are popular because of their nourishing milk and its health benefits. These days, camels are a symbol of the United Arab Emirates heritage. And for one man in the …


Texas man loses gunfight to armadillo

Armadillos are a mammal that is native to South America. These days, the small animals can be found as far north as Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. They’re often hit by vehicles because they tend to jump in the air when startled. Armadillos have a tough shell, and their name means “little armored ones” in Spanish. …