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NSA Caught Spying on Americans… Again

Unsurprisingly, once again, the National Security Agency has been caught illegally collecting the phone data of Americans. According to reports, the NSA unlawfully collected a massive volume of call and text records from an unnamed U.S. telecom provider. In its own internal documents, the NSA claimed the impact of the illegal data collection did not …


Satellites are Watching

In this week’s must read articles, learn what you need to do now to make sure you are ready when the unexpected happens. Also, see how modern day satellites are watching your every move along with practical ways to enhance your every day survival. Find out how hackers are already working on creating chaos through …


Bug Out Vehicle

In this week’s mailbag I’ll explain how to make sure your data and privacy aren’t being shared, whether or not to shoot a bear if it is a threat, along with how to tell if you’ve been hacked. I’ll also explain how I choose my every day carry guns and discuss wax options for gun …


Surviving a Stampede

In this week’s Must-Read articles see how to survive a human stampede along with important assessment tools you can use to make it out of any situation. You will learn about the 8 common mistakes most concealed carriers are making and how not to as well as why it is important to keep a gas …


Phone Eavesdropping

In this week’s mailbag I’ll discuss how I break in my trigger along with safety considerations when purchasing a new computer. I’ll weigh the pros and cons of a .22 vs 9mm for self-defense along with the differences between a Glock 19 and a Glock 23. You will also receive my tips on what to …


When to Draw Your Gun

One Sunday, Carl T. was at his home around 11:30 p.m., when he witnessed a person sitting inside the driver’s seat of his neighbor’s black Honda. Since he didn’t recognize the man sitting inside the car, Carl went outside to inquire why the person was inside a car that he didn’t own. “The man told …