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3 tips for making safe crypto payments

There are currently over 300 million cryptocurrency users in the world, and around 18,000 companies around the world now accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Hackers also love to target cryptocurrency. In one of the biggest cryptocurrency heists, hackers stole $600 million. The hackers exploited vulnerability in the Poly Network. This is a platform …


How to legally ship your guns

Shipping guns can be confusing. Laws are always changing and you might be breaking the law without even knowing it. But an Alabama man named Eric L. knew what he was doing when he illegally shipped guns. Eric had advertised guns for sale on an online classified website. Turns out, he was operating a business …


3 methods spies use to cultivate trust

During the Cold War, U.S. spies monitored the Soviet press for valuable information. One day, they discovered that a Russian magazine had shared a recipe for coot (a small bird that is commonly consumed in Eastern Europe). Seems harmless enough, but for the CIA, the recipe meant disaster. You see, the CIA had an agreement …


Your AR-15: Three must have upgrades

A Philadelphia couple enjoyed a night out together… right up until their lives changed forever. The husband and wife were walking to the front door of their apartment when they noticed a man staring at them. The man appeared to be high on drugs and was silent as he fixated on the couple. After the …


4 Terrible self-defense ideas

Adam F. lived with his parents in Fresno, CA. One day his parents were gone and he encountered a black widow spider in the home. For some reason, Adam decided to use a blowtorch to kill the spider. But instead, he set his parent’s home on fire. According to local media, Adam told firefighters that …


How to survive a panicked stampede

Lag B’Omer is a Jewish religious holiday that occurs on the 18th day of the Hebrew month of Iyar. Each year, Lag B’Omer brings tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews to Mount Meron in northern Israel. The large crowd usually lights bonfires, prays, and dances as part of the celebrations. In 2021, it was estimated …