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Black Bag Confidential


Why Navy SEALs love holographic sights

In 2003, when U.S. forces moved into Iraq, military leaders worried that retreating Iraqi soldiers would destroy infrastructure. Specifically, there was concern that Iraqi forces would blow up the Mukatayin Dam (a hydroelectric dam located northeast of Baghdad). Destroying the dam would cut off power to the surrounding area, cause massive flooding that could lead …


Crazy dangerous smart product hacks

A cardiac device from St. Jude’s Medical was found to have vulnerabilities that could allow a hacker to access the device. According to the FDA, once a hacker accessed the device, they could deplete the battery or even change pacing of the device. The compromised devices were meant to monitor and control heart functions. The …


Trevor Saved By His Flintlock Pistol

Trevor was in his early 20’s. He was attending a local community college and money was tight… But he loved to spend time outdoors, and he frequented a fishing spot on the banks of the Mississippi River. The particular area wasn’t great for hunting but was ideal for fishing. Trevor grew up around guns and …