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Black Bag Confidential


Destroying a $2M tank with a child’s toy

Yegor F. is a commander of a Ukrainian army drone unit. For weeks, he operated in Avdiivka, Ukraine carrying out drone attacks against Russian forces. Using drones that cost around $400, the Ukrainian forces targeted Russian tanks that were worth $2 million. Both the drones and the tanks were typically destroyed in the attack, but …


Never do this when cleaning your pistol

Ryan D. lives in Chesterton, Indiana with his wife. He is a veteran and has extensive firearms training. Early one afternoon, Ryan was sitting at his kitchen table cleaning his Glock 19 pistol. To take the gun apart Ryan removed the magazine and pulled the slide back, but the slide wouldn’t come off. According to …


Ukraine’s CIA-trained hit squad

Yevgeny Z. was the owner of a mixed martial arts gym in Ukraine. But it was much more than just a gym. The place trained paramilitary fighters to engage in street fights with Ukrainian supporters. And Yevgeny was much more than a martial arts trainer. He oversaw a militia that kidnapped and tortured hostages. He …