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Black Bag Confidential


How to Train a Guard Dog

As primitive as it may seem, a guard dog makes an excellent addition to your home and personal security system. These four-legged protectors can safeguard your property and your family with the added bonus of built-in love and companionship—even the most high-tech alarm systems can’t provide that! In all seriousness though, trained security dogs are …


Disappear from the Internet

In this week’s Must-Read articles you will read how to use the pack mentality to your advantage to successfully camp in a group, some of the most valuable measures you can take to prevent home fires, along with how and why to paint your firearm. If you want to ‘disappear’ from the internet, we have …


My Go-to Pocket Gun

In this week’s mailbag you will learn… What you need to know about knife sharpening… My picks for the most effective pocket-carry gun… Where to buy parts to build your own gun… How to care for your water storage… The reality of Chinese spying… And more! Let’s dive in… One question I have is about …