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Black Bag Confidential


Surviving While on the Run

At barely 5 feet tall, Cristina A. shook uncontrollably as she peered out of the witness box in a criminal court proceeding against her husband. One night, nine months earlier, Cristina was at home with her two children when her husband came home and stomped up the stairs looking for her. The bedroom door swung …


The Good Old Days

In this week’s Must-Read article, you will see… Things from the good old days that really are better… What to eat when the power goes out… Facemasks vs. Respirators: when to use each… Maximizing trunk storage space… And how crooks steal your credit card at the gas pump. Let’s dive in…   Things From The …


Chokepoint Position

In this week’s mailbag… I’ll discuss my favorite handguns… Why a baton is a considered a deadly weapon… Where to go if someone breaks into your home… My opinion on where to conceal carry on your body… Explain some benefits of IDSheild… And suggest surveillance cameras to use outside your home. Let’s dive in… I …


Perimeter Protection

In this week’s Must-Read articles… Learn how to spot a bad guy… See how the government shutdown unveiled weaknesses for a recession… Check out some great tips to protect your perimeter… Read on the many benefits and uses of fleece… And see which shotguns stood out at this years SHOT Show. Let’s dive in…   …


How the CIA Stopped the Next 9/11

You probably remember Richard Reid, a British born man who trained with al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and was later given three life sentences in federal prison, plus 110 years, with no possibility of parole. On December 22nd, 2001, Reid boarded an American Airlines flight from Paris to Miami with explosives packed into his shoes, which he …