Father vs Gang Members

It was a Sunday night when George Grier went to his car only to find 5 gang members of the dreaded “MS13” in front of his house, allegedly ready to invade his Uniondale, NY home.

He quickly ran into his home, told his wife to call the police, and grabbed a legally-owned AK-47 to confront the gang members, telling them to leave.

Instead, the gang dared him to use his gun – and their shouts brought another larger group of 20 more thugs to his home, threatening… “You’re dead! I’m gonna kill your family and your babies! You’re DEAD!”

Grier fired 4 warning shots into the grass of his front yard to scare them off and the shooting tripped off the local P.D.’s “ShotSpotter” technology and within minutes, they were there to save the day…

… and arrested Grier for defending his family and his home! Why? Not because he owned an AK-47.

He was arrested for a “D-Felony Reckless Endangerment” for firing warning shots at 25 of the most feared gang members threatening to kill his children!

This is a travesty of justice, wouldn’t you agree? But your first battle may be in your front yard or in your home… but your second battle will be in COURT after you pull the trigger!

The fact is, most people who own a gun have no clue what their legal responsibility is to use that gun. Notice I didn’t say your “legal RIGHTS” – I said “responsibility”! There’s a huge difference.

The laws (unfortunately) protect criminals just as much as they protect you – and sometimes it seems even MORE than you!

You would think a “warning shot” – even shots fired into a dirt front yard – would be seen as the right thing to do, rather than begin plucking off worthless trolls like the MS13 gang bangers, but not in the eyes of the law.

Here are 3 lessons you can learn from this…

1. NEVER fire a warning shot. Even if you shoot into the ground, the bullet can ricochet up and kill an innocent bystander – even a child inside a nearby house!

2. Shoot to stop the threat! There’s no other reason to shoot someone and trying to “scare” or “wound” an attacker only shows the court that you didn’t feel your very life was in immediate danger.

3. Know your legal responsibility! You don’t want to go to prison just because you thought you were right – only to find out you missed one of the “legal tests” the court will use to determine if you acted responsibly.

My buddy Jeff has this “Bulletproof Defense” DVD that shows you the real-life scenarios you must be able to respond to AND how to legally defend your life with a firearm so you can stay out of prison!

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Remember… “A wise man learns from others mistakes – a fool learns from his own”.

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