3 Things That Make You an Easy Target for Criminals [Video Update]​

Dear Black Bag Confidential Reader,

Every single day, as you run errands, go to work and pick up your kids from school, you’re giving criminals the tools they need to target you.

It happens in tiny ways most people wouldn’t even notice. Through the bumper stickers on your car, the keychains on your key ring and the clothes you wear.

These are all innocent decisions — expressions of our personality. But to a person with sinister intentions, these simple things provide enough personal information about you to put yourself and your family at risk.

I stopped by the Rachael Ray show to share a few of these lifesaving tips with her. We covered:

  • The one insanely popular “family fun” car fad that had Rachael telling her viewers: “I just got chills, everywhere. If you have those on your car, you go out there and scrape them off right now
  • Why an innocent trip to the grocery store could turn you into a perfect target for a home invasion. Here are the items you should leave at home when you’re running errands… or traveling abroad
  • The best self-defense tool to carry with you every single day, and a demonstration on how to use it.

Rachael and her audience were shocked by some of the everyday mistakes people make — so much so that she swore she’d go home and make one vital change to her own home that very night.

In this video alert, I want to share the same information with you. Click on the video below to check out my eight-minute segment with Rachael Ray — including some of my favorite tips for keeping families safe.

Jason and Rachel

Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson

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