survival gear


The KRACK of Doom

The hacks just keep coming… And this latest security flaw puts every single wireless device in your home in jeopardy. Take a look at the first of this week’s must-read articles for the full scoop on KRACK — and what you can do to fortify your cyberdefenses.


Creative Uses for Garbage Bags

Looking for an innovative, low-cost way to expand your cache of emergency supplies? Then look no further. Our friends at 4Patriots offer up several suggestions on how to turn a humble garbage bag into the Swiss army knife of survival gear. ​


To Camp or Not to Camp

This edition of the weekly drop covers some advice on where to bug out when the SHTF, what electronics to protect in the event of an EMP, the best guns for home defense and one more item you could add to your escape bag. Let’s get started.