15+ Uses for Mason Jars

Sure, Mason jars are “trendy” — you see them all over crafty websites like Etsy and Pinterest — but they’re also super useful and CHEAP. In today’s article, our friends over at 4Patriots have collected over 15 uses for Mason jars. Check it out.


Creative Uses for Garbage Bags

Looking for an innovative, low-cost way to expand your cache of emergency supplies? Then look no further. Our friends at 4Patriots offer up several suggestions on how to turn a humble garbage bag into the Swiss army knife of survival gear. ​


Teach Your Old Dog Some New Tricks

With all the importance placed on emergency preparedness, one aspect of prepping that isn’t addressed enough is that there’s more than one way to do it. So today’s batch of must-read articles discuss prepping considerations specific to certain groups, including pet owners and students.