Wax On, Wax Off

I’m kicking off this week’s mailbag with some gun-care commentary from one of my loyal readers. He offers a great suggestion — but I want to hear what YOU think. Take a look and then send an email to SPYfeedback@LFB.org.


To Camp or Not to Camp

This edition of the weekly drop covers some advice on where to bug out when the SHTF, what electronics to protect in the event of an EMP, the best guns for home defense and one more item you could add to your escape bag. Let’s get started.


Training for a High-Stress Shooting

I recently had the pleasure of a visit from Laissez Faire club director Doug Hill and a few of the other great folks that work with us. I ran these guys through several drills to work on shooting in high stress situations. Here are four drills you can do at home to add some stress to your dry firing practice.