Ready for a Major Quake? You Can Be

If you think all this prepper stuff won’t make a difference when a large-scale disaster hits, I urge you to think again. Today, check out one reader’s account of surviving the powerful 8.8 quake that occurred in Chile in 2010 — you’ll see it’s a lot easier to prepare than you realize.


How to Be a Good Hostage

If you’re taken hostage, the first 30 minutes are the most critical. Should you ever find yourself in a hostage situation, here are six things you can do to survive that first half hour — and hopefully make it home to your loved ones unharmed.


Skim a Little off the Top

In the first of this week’s must-read articles, you’ll learn how to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft when you least expect it. Today’s roundup also discusses the White House’s new cyber policy, the practicality of drone registration and why many preppers will die when the SHTF.