The Real Danger of Refugees

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The media firestorm this week centers on President Trump’s immigration ban. And since my goal is to provide you with information to better protect yourself and your loved ones, I hope you’ll take a close look at the first of this week’s must-read articles.

1. Your Chances of Being Killed by a Refugee 

Spoiler alert: slim to none. In fact, according the CATO Institute, an independent public policy research organization dedicated to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peace, not a single person — literally no one — from the seven countries included in Trump’s immigration ban has ever killed anyone in a terrorist attack on American soil. This statistic includes refugees.

That being said, it certainly feels like public places are a lot less safe than they used to be. Shootings can occur anytime, anywhere — at schools, churches, movie theaters, nightclubs, even airports. This is why I constantly maintain that the single most important thing I learned in the CIA is situational awareness.

Don’t bury your head in some electronic device. Don’t walk around in a daze. Keep your head up and your eyes open. The more alert you are, the more likely it is you’ll see danger coming before it’s too late.

2. When the Rich Become Preppers, It’s Time to Worry

A few short years ago, the term “prepper” conjured up images of hermits in tinfoil hats hoarding canned goods in their doomsday bunkers while spouting conspiracy theories. But prepping is slowly becoming a more mainstream hobby. So much so that The New Yorker this week interviewed several wealthy, high-profile executives about their prepping efforts.

It’s great that there’s less of a stigma surrounding prepping, because it makes it that much easier to talk about it in the open and share good advice. But there’s an underlying message here. Well, more of a warning than a message. I highly suggest checking out this article from PeakProsperity for a new perspective on prepping.

3. Could Act of Congress #5748 Make You Rich?

Act of Congress No. 5748 is set to be reinstated on March 16. This little-known piece of legislation means you could turn a few hundred dollars into a small fortune. I’m talking millions.

To learn how to cement your multimillionaire status, click on the link above. You’ll find out just what this law is and how it could benefit you in a big, big way.

But you must take action before March 16 or this life-changing opportunity will pass you by. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

4. Head of MI6 Reveals Real-Life Q Is a Woman

James Bond would be just another spy without his gadgets. In the films, Bond’s gear — from bulletproof cars to tactical wristwatches, tracking devices to surveillance equipment, even the classic exploding pen — was developed by the character known as Q, short for Quartermaster.

Q has always been depicted as a man, first played by Desmond Llewelyn, briefly by John Cleese following Llewelyn’s death and most recently by Ben Whishaw in the reboot featuring Daniel Craig as the new 007.

But in a rare speech at the 2017 Women in IT Awards on Jan. 25, Alex Younger, head of the British Secret Intelligence Service, commonly known as MI6, revealed that the real-life Q is actually a woman.

My associate ex-CIA operative JAVELIN has written about how women are typically viewed as delicate, gentler and more innocent and that their strength and intelligence are constantly underestimated. This revelation is another great lesson in just how valuable an asset a woman can be in the intelligence field.

5. Don’t Get Stranded Without a Get Home Bag

You’ve heard me talk about bug-out bags, go bags and 72-hour kits many times before. And now you’re probably thinking, Geez, I’ve got to make a get-home bag too?

The answer is yes, but not really. Yes, you need a bag that you keep at work or in your car to sustain you and give you the tools you’ll need to get home safely if the stuff hits the fan. But not really, because this bag is basically just another version of a 72-hour kit.

Check out the article above from The Prepper Journal to make a checklist of what to include in your get-home bag. As I said, it should include most of the same items you would put in your 72-hour kit, but with a few minor differences. Click on the link above for more information.

And as always…

Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson

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