Natural Compound Slashes Heart Disease and Diabetes Risk

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Heart disease and diabetes are two of the leading causes of death worldwide.

So statistically speaking, you’ve got a fair shot of losing your life to one of these deadly (yet avoidable) diseases.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is a recent scientific mega-study discovered that a common mineral could help you beat these staggering odds and protect you from these two lethal conditions.

And the best part, you can get an ample dose of this statistic-beating miracle compound by simply eating some of your favorite foods.

Magnesium is the key to upping your chances of beating these killer diseases.

A new meta-analysis examined dietary magnesium intake in chronic diseases from 40 studies that involved over 1 million people, including thousands of folks with heart disease, coronary heart disease, stroke and diabetes, as well as over 10,000 deaths.

After crunching the numbers, the researchers found people eating diets with the highest levels of magnesium were 26 percent less likely to develop diabetes, 12 percent less likely to have a stroke and 10 percent less likely to develop heart disease.

Even better, increased magnesium intake is linked to a 22 percent decreased risk of heart failure, a 19 percent lower risk of diabetes, a 10 percent overall decrease in risk of death and 7 percent drop in the risk of having a stroke.

This means by simply increasing your magnesium intake, you can thwart of some of the world’s deadliest diseases and increase your chances of living a long, healthy life.

You can get magnesium from eating delicious foods like green leafy vegetables, nuts, seafood. Meat and poultry also have magnesium but are less reliable because their magnesium content depends on the animal’s diet.

Perhaps the most reliable sources of magnesium are supplements. You can pick one up at your local pharmacy, typically for under $15.

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