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National gun registry?

Federal background checks are required to buy guns from a licensed dealer. But what happens to the paperwork you fill out to buy a gun? What happens with your ATF Form 4473?: Form 4473 is the form that you fill out to buy a gun from a licensed dealer. It’s a few pages long and …


Website or hacker trap? Here’s how to tell

According to defectors, North Korea’s cyber army has about 7,000 hackers. Their job is to wreak havoc on the country’s enemies. Recently, North Korean hackers targeted cybersecurity researchers in the U.S. North Korean hackers set up a fake cybersecurity company called SecuriElite. They also created fake social media accounts on Twitter and LinkedIn. Their goal …


How to raise survival chickens

The pandemic was a wake-up call for people all over the world. Folks who never thought about food storage or stocking up on supplies now hoard toilet paper. The pandemic has also increased interest in raising chickens as a source of eggs or meat. According to Nancy S., owner of Cackle Hatchery, “We are swamped …

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