Two Dangers With B12 Supplements

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A couple days ago, we recommended the top three supplements for your brain: curcumin, Bacopa, and B12. Then we warned you not to take just any form of these supplements. In the case of curcumin, it could be ineffective.

However, with B12, it could contain an ingredient that’s flat-out dangerous for your brain.

This is because regular B12 supplements at the grocery store have two harmful pitfalls.

The first is lousy absorption.

One of the top reasons for low B12 levels is bad digestion.

Say this is true for you. So you then take a supplement to raise your B12.

But you end up hardly absorbing any of it and then don’t experience the benefits you wanted. Why?

Because your bad digestion prevented the entire dose of B12 from being completely absorbed into your small intestine!

As a result, the supplement was worthless. You ended up flushing your money down the toilet.

So what’s the solution?

Take a “sublingual” instead. This is a fancy term for a supplement that dissolves under your tongue, so you don’t need to swallow anything.

When you take B12 as a sublingual, you avoid the usual harsh digestive process.

Instead, the B12 jumps straight into your blood. As a result, you could experience absorption rates three–10 TIMES higher than a pill!

Which is fantastic… but only when you avoid the second danger lurking in regular B12 supplements:

Most B12 supplements contain cyanide.

The form of B12 that you’ll find in most products is called cyanocobalamin, which is comprised of a cyanide molecule attached to a B12 molecule. Cyanide is a toxin, and over time, large doses can suffocate your brain.

It’s the most common form of supplemental B12 because — you guessed it — it’s by far the cheapest to manufacture, ensuring high profit margins.

Because of the dire need for B12… and the lack of quality options… we’ve come out with our own unique form of B12. Rather than the synthetic cyanide form found in most supplements, our B12 is in the coactive enzyme form. This form is already “active” and ready to boost your brain health. It’s called BioActive B12, and it’s now available in limited quantities.

BioActive B12 is available only here, and we might run out of our limited stock, so jump on this now.

However, if you already have a supply of our B12 formula and you’re interested in boosting your brain power to even greater heights, then I’ve got exciting news.

We’ve just launched a brand-new formula that’s a perfect match for B12. This one is so powerful, you can actually feel the effects… in as little as one hour. It’s called Brain Support Plus and, after months and months of development, it’s finally available:

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Brad Lemley
Chief health officer, Spy Briefing’s Living Well

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