Jason Hanson is a former CIA officer and security specialist. He’s appeared on numerous television shows, including ABC’s Shark Tank and NBC’s Today show.

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Remember Me?

In this week’s mailbag I’ll discuss the legality of a ghost gun for self-defense along with whether to buy a new or used gun. I’ll also give suggestions for knife sharpeners and light attachments for your firearm. Lastly, I’ll cover some of the risks involved with online passwords and security cameras. Let’s dive in… What …


Stay Safe on the High Seas

Elisha Cuffe was a valued, ten-year employee of Princess Cruise Lines. She had recently been promoted to the position of senior purser. This position handles all the financial matters on a cruise ship. Pursers share information about the ship to both passengers and crewmembers and the Purser’s Desk is typically centrally located in the ship …


My Every Day Carry Items

In this week’s mailbag I’ll discuss what information you should provide when buying a prepaid phone, the legality of stun guns, and how to go about handling post earthquake cooking. I’ll also go over proximity when using an execution torch, what my Every Day Carry items are and where I place them and lastly, my …

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