Jason Hanson is a former CIA officer and security specialist. He’s appeared on numerous television shows, including ABC’s Shark Tank and NBC’s Today show.

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Baby Monitor Threat

3 Ways to Keep Hackers Out of Your House These days, a majority of electronic devices you purchase for your home, from TV’s to baby monitors, come with the ability to connect to the Internet so you can control them from your smartphone or tablet. In 2017 alone, worldwide sales of baby monitors reached almost …


A Watch for a Compass

In this week’s Must-Read articles you will learn ways you can overcome personal tragedy, how to prevent the spreading of germs, how you can use your watch for a compass, ways to avoid and treat hypothermia and frostbite, and also, how to create home heat when your electricity is out. Let’s dive in… 7 Ways …


Pistol Optics

Last year, Gary Gross and his family were sound asleep at 3:15 A.M. when they were startled awake by noises in their home. The family, who lives in Columbia Township, Ohio, heard intruders inside their home on a Saturday morning when Gary grabbed a hammer and confronted the men. A struggle between Gary and the …


Hotel Wellness Check?

In this week’s mailbag I’ll discuss rifle options, air pistols, self-defense for children, frangible ammunition, wellness checks and more. Let’s dive in… I’m surprised you didn’t mention a .22 caliber rifle. I used to have a Beeman .177/.22 switchable. The .22 worked so well, I never switched them out.  –Ken G Answer: .22 caliber rifles are great …


Intruder in the House?

In this week’s Must-Read articles you will discover important things to consider in case of a winter power outage, how you can clear your home in case of an intruder, learn about a potentially more effective reality drivers ed course, how to effectively layer clothes to keep warm and a breakdown of the strengths and …


Listening Device Detection

In this week’s mailbag we’ll discuss doorstoppers, concealed carry permits, detecting listening devices, hackers and more Let’s dive in… What doorstopper do you recommend? – David T Answer: The doorstopper that I personally use is the GE Doorstopper Alarm. This is perfect for using in a hotel room, dorm, or basically anywhere that you don’t …

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