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The Takedown of the Century

In the last few years, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in cyberattacks from foreign governments. Whether it’s hacking the personal data of more than 22 million government employees with security clearances or releasing Hillary Clinton’s emails, every news cycle seems to reveal a new breach.

And these attacks are small peanuts to what’s coming.


Training for a High-Stress Shooting

I recently had the pleasure of a visit from Laissez Faire club director Doug Hill and a few of the other great folks that work with us. I ran these guys through several drills to work on shooting in high stress situations. Here are four drills you can do at home to add some stress to your dry firing practice.


How to Stop ISIS Knife Attacks

If you engage in a knife fight, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll die. Of course ­— none of us would ever choose to be in a knife fight, but in the unpredictable world we live in, sometimes the choice isn’t ours. Today I’ll show you how to walk away from a surprise attack — without getting a knife in the back.


Plan to Get Out Alive

I’m finally home after several days of traveling and training — from Utah to New York to Las Vegas to Baltimore and back to Utah. No matter where I go, here’s the one strategy I always use to guard against a potential attack.


Evacuate From Your Home in Less Than 10 Minutes

Historic flooding is displacing thousands of people in parts of the U.S., forcing them to hastily flee their homes. Weather events are unpredictable – as is civil unrest – so in any event, you’ll want a plan in place to evacuate from your home in ten minutes or less. Because in an emergency situation, every minute counts.